Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ocean Kim Koala

The koala has always been my favorite animal. As a child I had a stuffed one that I slept with every night. So once I found out that I could adopt one it was a no-brainer. Meet Ocean Kim, my newly adopted koala.

Ocean Kim, a tiny 0.455g joey, was found out of the pouch and under the body of her injured mother, Ocean Therese, on 26 June 2006. Ocean Therese had been struck by a car on Ocean Drive, a busy highway that feeds into the Port Macquarie industrial area. While her mother went into her own rehabilitation, “Kimmy”, as she became known, was fed formula and given pap milkshakes to inoculate her gut with the bacteria required for her to digest eucalyptus leaf. Kim responded well. She put on weight and, after a small mishap in her aviary, soon grew accustomed to climbing.

Kim was transferred to the hospital and placed into a yard with a tree so she could continue to acquire her “koala survival skills” before release. She shared yards with a number of joeys before finally being returned to the wild with her yard-buddy, Lake Christmas, on 22 August 2007.

Want one too? Go to The Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, Australia

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Mountain Goat said...

Hi Lisa!

Thanks for becoming a "follower" to my blog and now I'm following yours too (has a cultish sound). This whole blog thing is more fun than I thought and serves a good purpose for folks of a like-minded community to learn things from one another.

CONGRATS on your half marathon! I think that's a very good time, especially with you being sick. Our PASADENA Marathon that we had trained months for, got cancelled because of the fires, but it is reset now for March 22 and I'm planning on doing it. It will be my first. I've never actually raced a half, though of course we covered the mileage in our training. I think I need to find one to see how I do.

LOVE Ocean Kim! Australia has the most unusual animals. My favorite is the Wombat. You gotta check those out...OMG so funny and cute.

Take care and keep adventuring!

P.S. Love your "photo" ...she's a cool chick.