Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tolerating the Pain

My knee and shoulder still have not fully recovered, but they are getting better. I remember running the 5K on Friday and afterwards thinking "I SUCK." It was such a terrible time...29:41. The knee didn't bother me while running but this other pain--the one in my shoulders was really bad that day. It felt like someone had taken a spear, put it through my back just below my right shoulder blade and pushed it all the through clear to my chest. No wonder my time was so bad. Who wants to run with a spear through their body?

Anyway, I found a chiropractor and went right after the run. He said my rib bone is out of place. This area seems to be getting sore/going out of place right after I lift weights (push press bench press, etc.). Just what I wanted to hear.....NOT! Since my muscles were too tight, he couldn't adjust me and sent me over to his massage guy instead. Ok fine, another day with the spear. I seem to be tolerating it.

Did I stop working out? Hell no! I only seem to hurt when I'm NOT working out. How strange is that? Here's the recap since my last post:

7am workout
Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

55# Bench Press 10,12,11,12,13 (43% of my body weight)
Jumping Pull ups 80, 60, 60, 64, 80

7pm workout

7am workout
5K run 29:41

10am workout
TAP OUT: Conditioning for Combat Sports

11am workout


7pm workout
Muay Thai Kickboxing

7am workout
4 rounds for time of:
-400 meter rurn
-25 back extensions
-25 glute ham sit-ups
Time: 16:08

7pm workout
Cardio Kickboxing
ending with extreme sit-ups

30 minutes on the bike machine

5 mile run (yes, miles)
Time: 46:00

In addition to the above I've been practicing pull-ups with a new doorway pull-up bar I got. Mostly I'm doing knees to elbows, but I can tell I'm getting closer and closer to doing a real pull-up soon. One thing I discovered is that I get a much better grip with my arms twisted (palms facing me instead of away from me). Doing it this way, I can touch my knees to my elbows every single time starting from a standing position, but not yet from the hanging position.

The bar has also come in handy just for stretching. The rib bone that is out of place seems to be slowly making it's way back into place. Hanging on the bar loosens a lot of things up and takes pressure off the tight areas. Hope it feels ok tomorrow, because it looks like we're gonna have more lifting....yippee!! (There's nothing like tackling one's weakness with a cheerful, positive and enthusiastic attitude!)

Artwork above by Steven Stahlberg. Anyone notice anything strange about it? Post to comments.


Trail Runner Con Dios said...

Lisa, great posting; I've missed you! These are wonderful tips on KTE and I can't wait to try them myself.

I'm really sorry to hear about the rib, but knowing that you're the toughest of the tough, you'll push through this just fine. My only suggestion is to listen to your body girl, and if it says to stand down for a day or two, LISTEN or be prepared to pay the consequences...

As for the artwork, I wasn't familar with his work, and just checked out his gallery. Very powerful fantasy images, well beyond the old Boris Valejo style. Mainly digital if I'm not mistaken?

AdventureSeeker said...

Miss you too Kellie! I'm coming back September 5th, but unfortunately won't be staying in Cali for very long. I have more out-of-town work from mid-October through January.

Yes the artist is digital. Take a look at her hands/arms and their positioning. See anything yet?

Trail Runner Con Dios said...

I just caught your reply yesterday and you're right, very odd!

I'd have totally missed her right hand if I hadn't studied it carefully. Even looking at it now, it's easy to miss that her right hand is what, upside down, backwards, attached to the wrong arm???

When I try to duplicate the pose; (in the privacy of my own office, thank you very much) it's almost like it's mirrored, but not quite.

So, what's the story?