Saturday, November 1, 2008

Challenged to a Duel

Yesterday, pirate Courtney challenged me to a duel. Why? Well of course, she wanted my bottle of booze. It was a mighty fine bottle. Maybe not filled with rum, but with plum wine, a tasty, yet potent drink fit for a pirate. Isn't that what all pirates fight over?

Anyway, what she didn't know was how passionately I would defend my bottle! So after the staff meeting with a bunch of devils, angels, witches and the like I accepted her challenge.

Courtney came prepared. And I must admit she had killer boots working in her favor (mine had been lost at sea over 3,000 miles away).

Courtney charged at me and seemed to stab me, but alas, she missed and I went chasing after her.

When I caught her, I took her down, heroically defending my bottle of booze. Ahh.

The nun came by to say some final words for pirate Cortney.

That night, my mates and I went out to celebrate my victory. First, it was off to 2 Georges, a quaint marina bar near our ship. Four drinks and one shot later, I was well on my way to becoming drunk.

And so were they.

These two I don't even know. But it was sure interesting to see what they were doing in the bathroom.

Next stop was the Banana Boat right next door where we experienced even more fun pirating activities including stealing treasures from a drunken Mardi Gras gent wearing way too many beads. Besides, they looked better on us anyway. Here's my booty along with the defended bottle and sword.

After that, the ground became unstable. We must have been sailing in some rough seas because the ship was moving around a lot. Or was that the effect of those last two drinks? And did I meet an incredibly handsome gent or was that a dream? Hmmm. Only tomorrow will tell.


Water4Gas said...

Lisa, you are too funny! Go girl!

Trail Runner Con Dios said...

Looks like quite the holiday celebration. Cute pix.