Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sorry to disappoint, but this is NOT my new boyfriend. I've been having mad cravings lately and needed a little inspiration to stick with my diet. Diets can be ugly, and, I'm finding, more difficult than quitting smoking. I'm convinced there is some nutritional deficiency or perhaps some endocrine malfunction going on with my body, because these cravings are NOT normal. And I am definitely NOT pregnant.

I am very leery of nutritional advice from anyone (including friends), because our bodies are not created equal. I do know however that I shouldn't be listening to my body right now, otherwise I'll soon look like the guy in the video....not pretty. So I'm putting my research "hat" on instead and am mentally preparing (through education) for some drastic changes. Now if I could find a book like "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking" but for sugar I'd be in business. That book was incredible at explaining how smoking is actually a drug addition and that all you are doing is feeding the monster. It mentally prepared me for the challenge and proved quite effective.

Instead of taking a hike, I'm convinced my smoking monster transmuted into a sugar monster. That's UGLY. Uglier than any CrossFit workout I've ever done. Time to get stronger....much stronger. Mentally and physically.

Which leads me to the GOOD news. On Friday, I set 3 personal records in weight lifting! I am getting stronger.

Bench Press - 85 lb.
Squat - 95 lb.
Dead Lift - 175 lb.

Below I'm setting up for my 175 lb. deadlift. I was able to do 2 reps! WooHoo!

The other good news is that I finally started some interval training this week. I did eight 1/4 mile sprints. It was hard. Initially I seemed to peter out around half way, but the more I did, the more I could keep a more consistent pace. I can totally see how these will help my training. What was really fun was sneaking in the FAU campus and doing them there. ;-)

The bad news is that a couple days later while running on the beach I hurt my ankle. I'm pretty sure it's tibialis posterior syndrome. Although the beach is a great place to run, it is not exactly a flat surface. Where I've been going has a pretty steep incline and when I run south, the right foot is higher and when I run north, the left foot is higher. Apparently my right foot doesn't like the inclination. I noticed it the first time I ran, but stupidly ignored it. The second time I ran there I really felt it, and could barely walk the next day. Even though nothing touched that area of my ankle there was an actual bruise there and a lot of swelling. So for 2 days I iced, elevated, and rested it. Running is on hold for a least a week. Maybe two.

Boy do I miss my hills at home in California. I don't seem to get ANY injuries there. Perhaps I'm allergic to Florida! No worries though, I'll find something else to do in the meantime.

This week's training....

Day 6 Apollo Challenge - 6 rounds of "Cindy"

Workout of the Day (WOD)
"Met Con Day"
The following for time:
-Run 400 Meters                          
-Row 500 Meters                       
-Jump Rope 200 Singles
-Run 200 Meters
-Row 250 Meters
-Jump Rope 100 Singles
-Run 400 Meters
-Row 500 Meters
-Jump Rope 200 Singles

Marathon training
1/4 mile sprints

Two 1/4 mile warm-ups, then
1. 2:00
2. 2:00
3. 1:56
4. 2:00
5. 2:02
6. 1:57

Day 8 Apollo Challenge - 8 rounds of "Cindy"

Workout of the Day (WOD)
7 Rounds for time                                    

-21 Shoulder Press  75M/45W                   

-21 Back Extensions

-21 Double Unders or 63 Single Jump Rope

Day 9 Apollo Challenge - 9 rounds of "Cindy"

Workout of the Day (WOD)
For Time: 

-Double Unders or 3 x's Singles


reps of 05-15-25                       






Marathon training
5 miles running barefoot on the beach (MID-Tempo)

Day 10 Apollo Challenge - 10 rounds of "Cindy"

Workout of the Day (WOD)
Strength Training
reps of 10-8-6-4-2

Bench Press 55-65-75-75-85
Squat 55-65-75-95-95
Dead Lift 125-145-155-155-175
Barbell Curls 25-35-45-45-45


Trail Runner Con Dios said...

Girl, love the update, and congrats of the PRs, but no more videos, okay? I need to sleep tonight, and you're going to give me nightmares!

Take care of your ankle, and try and chill on the fat concerns... you look great, are tough as hell and if you consume a little extra sugar while away from home, looking at Barbie all day, AND adjusting to life without nicotine, who wouldn't?! I guarantee any weight you think you're putting on will not withstand your fitness lifestyle.

AdventureSeeker said...

Thanks Trail Runner Con Dios! That made me feel better. And guess what? I think I know what it is......Vitamin C! I had read that whenever you get weird cravings it's probably a lack of vitamin C, so I had an Emergen-C with lunch today, and voila, NO CRAVINGS! Aaaaahhhhhh.