Saturday, October 11, 2008

Utter Exhaustion

I hadn't realized how much my body needed to recuperate until today. First off, I slept in this morning. I was out late last night with friends at a going away party, but sleeping until 11:00am? Whoa! Guess I really needed some sleep....

When I did get up I didn't feel like doing anything. I could barely find the energy to make breakfast. Even breakfast didn't revive me. In fact, I jumped back into bed and watched "Van Helsing" with the yummy Hugh Jackman. Fell asleep again right afterwards.

Next I knew, it was 5pm! Geez the whole day was getting away from me. By now I was hungry though and since I read that other crossfitters cheat on the zone on weekends I decided I needed to cheat too (thanks V). I wanted a big juicy hamburger with fries. Nothing else would do. I even drove 25 minutes to get a good one. Boy did that hit the spot. And I made sure to put lots of ketchup on my fries. I mean if you are going to cheat, you might as well do it right. I didn't even feel guilty since I had been so good all week, working out everyday and staying within the zone. Except maybe those 2 mojitos I had last night. Hmmm. But they were really really good.

OK, so now that I'm properly (or overly) fed, my energy levels are finally coming into existence and I can start my day. Gee, what do I do? My hot date for tonight got cancelled so I didn't have to take a shower. Ah, relief! Dating sucks anyway. Nor did I feel like going to the Octoberfest where most of my friends were going to be. So instead, I made a date with Mr. Barnes and Noble. It was an excellent choice....very relaxing, with no one to bother me, and I didn't even have to dress up. Aaaahhhhh. The simple pleasures in life...being lazy for a whole day. Gives me a whole new meaning to the words "rest day."

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ReriVeritas said...

Hey Woman! Wow! You go girl! You deserved a break. Glad to see you're running; I haven't been running at all since I did that 1/2 marathon.

But today we did the Murph again at Crossfit. See my blog; HUGE improvement!

Keep up the good work. We're going to kick some arse in our next adventure race!