Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Army Physical Fitness Standard

Today at Cross Fit we took the Army Physical Fitness Standard Test. The APFT consists of three tasks: two minutes of max reps push-ups, two minutes of max reps sit-ups, and a two-mile run. This test is used across the Army, with a passing score of 60 percent of the standard for each event, scaled by sex and age. I wasn't really sure that I would pass because all the push-ups I've ever done were completely wrong. And at no time can your knees touch the ground. The only resting position is the plank position. After watching my partner give it her all, but completely fail I was nervous. But I went for it.

Here's how I did:
16 push-ups (score of 66)
57 sit-ups (score of 85)
17:47 2-mile run (score of 97)

To be at 100% in each category I would need to do:
37 push-ups
72 sit-ups
17:24 2-mile run

Obviously the push-ups are my weak point.....something to work on for sure! As far as the running goes, I smoked my last flat run by coming under a 9-minute mile. A few weeks ago I had done a 5K with a 10+ minute mile. Not too shabby for someone who doesn't consider herself an athlete! And if I ever decide to join the Army, they'll let me in!

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