Saturday, July 19, 2008

Assaulted by a Duck

This morning I opted for TAP OUT: CONDITIONING FOR COMBAT SPORTS. It's meant strictly for the person who likes their workouts to be gut-wrenching and I was curious to see how it compared with CrossFit.

Although the sledge hammers weren't used today (probably because it was raining), it was still a great 60-minute workout leaving me sweaty, wet and very dirty. The component parts were:

Air squats
Jump roping
Twisting with a 20lb. bar on the shoulders
Wall balls over head (the small wall balls) from about 10 feet to the wall
Wall balls under hand to the wall with a forward leap
Wall balls close to the wall right hand only, then left hand only
Moving tires across the parking lot (by squatting, lifting and flipping)
Jogging and Sprinting
Running in place followed by side stepping, forward and backwards running
The Bear Walk
The Duck Walk
The Crab Walk
Shadow Boxing
and finally boxing on the bags as fast and as hard as you can

This was definitely high intensity and constantly varied. The big difference I noticed was that there was much longer recovery times between the component parts. Where I did really well was with the tires. I pretty much blew everyone away with this one thanks to my CrossFit training.

What killed my legs though was the Duck Walk. Oh my God, did that take it out of me. It's like getting in the squat position all the way down to where you are practically sitting on the ground, then walking in that position. It's pure pain and a definite energy zapper. Took me awhile to recover from that.

Well not too long. Right afterwards I went on to do Capoeira. The movements were slightly easier today and I'm starting to get the feel of the spinning kicks. It's amazing how dizzy you get with these.

Later in the day, my dad and I went to the shooting range so he could try out his new glock. I rented one as well just to try it, and LOVED it! I think it's so great that he and I can share this kind of stuff together. He used to be just as crazy as me when he was younger and so he appreciates my adventerous spirit. He shot really well today...way to go Dad!

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