Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Damn the Bandana

After yesterday's Cross Fit workout I decided I needed to handle my head gear. I had been using a bandana to keep the hair out of my eyes, but the damn thing kept coming off during my sit-ups. Had I moved my hands to fix it I would have failed the test and that was NOT an option. So today on my run I tried out a new hat I got at REI. It was great! And I noticed a big difference in my body temperature--not that it kept me cool or anything, but I felt less hot during the run.

This is one my normal runs. It's a 2.8 mile run from my house going out on the fire roads to a point I have arbitrarily called the helicopter landing and then back again. There's this big white cross on the ground (the medical symbol) and it looks like a good place to land a helicopter if needed. Anyway, it was a good run...not super efforty, yet still working the body pretty good. I was again amazed at my time. I cut off :59 seconds since the last time I did this run on June 20th. Time was 31:52. Whatever I'm doing, I'm doing right. Now the trick will be to just keep it up!

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