Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Most Painful Sit-Ups Ever!

Last night I registered for my boxing classes at My work schedule is keeping me from attending a lot of the one's I'm interested in, but I should be able to make the Muay Thai Kickbox Conditioning and Capoeira classes on a regular basis.

This place is so much fun! I found it the last time I worked in Florida and just had to go back. They have these special classes from time to time, like kite surfing workouts, combat challenge training, Krav Maga self-defense training, and a workout called TAP OUT. In this one, you get down and dirty with tires, sand bags, sledgehammers, and more. There's strongman training, some speed work, and a lot of core exercises. It's for those who like their workouts to be gut-wrenching. Hmmm, sounds a bit like a CrossFit workout!

I decided to do both CrossFit AND the boxing classes while I'm here in Florida. Doesn't leave me much time to rest (or blog for that matter).

Anyway, we did a lot of kickboxing last night and towards the end of the workout the instructor had us do sit-ups with the punching bag. I had done most of these before...sit-ups with feet under the bag, hold in a 3/4 postition for what seems like a million years, twists, etc. But then came the real clencher. Put your feet up off the ground and hold the sides of the bag while doing these same sit-ups. Holy Moly! Pure pain! I couldn't even stick with it (bad Lisa). Need some practice on this one...

Ok, now for my last couple of workouts:


4 rounds for time:
-400 meter run
-50 air squats
Time was 15:58


3 rounds for time:
-400 meter run
-21 kettlebell swings
-12 jumping pull-ups
Time was 11:15

After work:
Run 2.6 miles Riverland loop
Time 24:36

The run felt really good. I opted for a steady pace the whole way. As I was running I kept thinking about what it would be like to run for hours and decided I need to start some longer runs. Perhaps this weekend I'll go for a 6-8 mile run for starters. I want to do a marathon. Doesn't look like I'll be ready (or in town) for the Pasadena one in November, but the LA marathon should be a pretty realistic goal. Maybe it's time I took a serious look at what the CrossFitters are using as their guide. Hmmmm.

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Trail Runner Con Dios said...

Sounds like you've hit the mother load for suffering. I want to hear more about those Tap Out workouts... sledge hammers. Ha! I haven't used one of those since I demo'd an old doggie mansion.