Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Super Women

Shannon (left) and Stacia (right) are my roommates. They are probably going to kill me once they see their pictures on my blog...oh well! This was an impromtu photo I just had to get when I saw them both wearing their superman t-shirts one day. Just so I didn't feel left out, they bought me my own superman shirt a week later. They are so cool!

Anyway, Shannon decided to join me at CrossFit today. She did great, and will be back for more. So if any of you reading this see her, say "hi" and tease her about the shirt. :) Her background is running and cycling, but like me she was getting bored with the same routine.

Now we've decided it's time to really pump up the volume on getting in shape for all the fun activities we want to do. It's so cool to have friends that enjoy the same things. And I am making so many more with the CrossFit family. You guys rock!

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