Sunday, July 13, 2008

Repressed Energy

Yesterday I thought for sure my stopwatch had broken. My run time was just too much faster to believe, so I decided to test it out today on a much more challenging run--4.43 miles going straight up and back in the Tujunga mountains off of La Tuna Canyon Blvd. I haven't checked it, but was told it's a one-mile elevation increase.

I started off with an easy pace so I wouldn't wear myself out too quickly. Well this seemed to work because as I got farther up the hill I found that I felt stronger. So I pushed it and as I neared the top was strong enough to do a really fast running pace for the last leg. On the way down, I really booked, trying not to run over the local hikers on the trail.

Well to my complete amazement I kept the same pace as yesterday....10:24 per mile, and knocked off 7:56 minutes from my last best time on this trail. Total time for the run was 46:03. The stopwatch isn't broken! That's f!#*ing awesome!

I believe I'm capitalizing on a lot of repressed energy right now. On Tuesday I start my boxing lessons again which will give me the opportunity to really let loose on this energy. WooHoo. Then it's crossfit 5 days on 2 days off at a new location in Ft. Lauderdale, FL while I'm away for work. Can't wait to give the report on that!

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