Monday, July 7, 2008

Sleepless in Tujunga

It's 2:45am and I should be sleeping right now. This has been going on for the last week or so and totally sucks. Since I can't sleep and I refuse to take any drugs--including aspirin--I'll blog. It's better than tossing and turning for hours with an overly restless mind.

One of my friends took this photo when we went to a fair in Santa Clarita last weekend. It was a blast, and to my surprise the rock wall was a piece of cake. Last time I had done one my legs starting shaking and I didn't have enough strength to make it to the top. Now my legs are much stronger, however they still have a long way to go which I discovered earlier today when I went for my long run (see The Water Tower post).

What was interesting was I began to recognize that my cardio respiratory endurance was improving, but the strength in my legs was now falling behind. I ran at about the same pace as the last time (actually :15 seconds faster), but didn't have any heavy breathing. The only thing slowing me down was this weak feeling in my legs. All that CrossFit drilling about optimizing one's physical competence in each of the ten recognized fitness skills (Flexibility, Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy) was starting to sink in. Time for more leg strengthening. And sleep.....


Trail Runner Con Dios said...

Girl, I love your to-do list! How many have you actually done? Shark feeding would be badass as would almost everything else on the list! You need an extra ride along buddy, I'm your huckleberry!

I see you like canyoneering. Our CrossFit Beth is a semi-pro canyoneer who along with an old partner, taught me the game. I'm trying to coordinate with her a time to get back out and make a Baldy run. I'll shoot for a weekend when you're in town, just in case you want to join us.

AdventureSeeker said...

Yes I love canyoneering. When I went it was with a group of guys who hooked everything up for me, so I'm not completely trained. It was in February 2006 up in the mountains by the Academy. I had 2 wetsuits on because the water was so cold. There was still ice on the ground. Would love to go with you and Beth!

The list is the "haven't done" but "want to do." I'm sure I'll add a lot more. Yeah, shark feeding would be badass. I've been in the water with them and they still scare the shit out of me, but I like that feeling of living on the edge!