Thursday, July 10, 2008


How exciting...I just got my Blecksmith 5K photos today! Boy, I never realized how intense I looked while running. I've always had a lot of determination, but it was funny to actually see it in a photo. This race was on the 4th of July. Time was 28:08, just over 9 minutes a mile. Started strong, but started wimping out after the 1st mile.

On another note, we did the Crossfit Total (Back squat, 1 rep; Shoulder Press, 1 rep; Deadlift, 1 rep) today. I always wondered what kind of workout would only involve 1 repetition. It seemed weird....but now I know what it's all about....and it sure is intense!

My results:
Back squat - 105lbs.
Shoulder Press - 45 lbs.
Deadlift - 155 lbs.

I really suck on the shoulder press. Right arm is willing to work with me, but the left arm is a total wimp. So if the point of these workouts is to find my weaknesses, I really found one today.

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